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The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) was established on the 1st of July 1963 in the port city of Chittagong under the name and style of the “Agrabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry” (‘Agrabad’ being the name of the commercial hub of the city) with the initiative of the foreign companies located in and around Chittagong. It may be mentioned here that, at that point of time, most of the foreign companies, mainly British, had their establishments located in that region of the country.


Executive Committee

Mrs. Rupali Chowdhury


Mr. Kevin Lyon

Vice President

News & Events

FDI Still below Par

Analysts Blame the Poor Inflow on Land Scarcity, Weak Infrastructure ... View Details

World Investment Report, 2015

Dr Ismail Hossain, Professor of Economics of North South University, made a presentation on the World Investment Report, 2015 at BoI on June 24, 2015 ... View Details

Basel-III Challenges for Risk Management in Banking

The objective of Basel accord is not to hinder business of banks. It is to direct the financial institutions towards sustainability for which it emphasizes capital and risk mitigation through a disciplined ... View Details

Gearing up Process of Industrialization

A new industrial policy is in the offing with its major focus on encouraging promotion of a high-priority industrial sector with the aim of giving an impetus to public-private .. View Details

Govt. to Make Guideline for Quick Investment Decisions

The government is going to prepare a priority-based guideline to take investment-related decisions promptly for encouraging domestic ... View Details

NBR Misses Seven Months’ Revenue Targets

Aggregate tax revenue collection fell short of target by 13.17 per cent until January of the current fiscal year (FY) due to sluggish economic activities and excessive target set ... View Details

RMG Export to US Rises 11.74% in 2015 despite GSP Suspension

Bangladesh’s apparel export to US market has seen an 11.74% rise to $5.40 billion in the last calendar year, thanks to increased demand for ... View Details

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